Couples Counseling

It is critical when seeking Relationship Counseling that couples find an experienced therapist who understands the variety and complexity of family life and relationships today. Whether you are cohabitating, engaged, dating, or in an on-again, off-again relationship, in this practice you will find that as an experienced counselor I can help you both develop and achieve your relational goals.

Christian & Faith Based Therapy

When discussing issues that have implications related to Faith, an objective and experienced Christian counselor can bring a deeper level of trust and comfort to the guidance. Because I am a Pastor and a Licensed Counselor, I am very comfortable guiding people into discussions that include faith, Biblical understanding, and respect for an individual’s faith and beliefs.

Addictions Counseling

Assessing and addressing various abuse and addiction issues is an important component that, as a counselor, I have skill in helping people and families address. I began my career more than 20 years ago as a substance abuse counselor, and that foundation has served me well to help with addiction issues as they present.

Individual Therapy

Individuals use professional counseling and coaching to help with a variety of goals and life challenges. Some need to overcome grief, others struggle with depression, some with anxiety, others with mood swings and relational discord, while others have difficulty with accountability and focused directional achievement. Individual therapy from a cognitive behavioral perspective is research based and helpful with all of the issues listed here.

Marital Therapy & Enrichment

Marriage Counseling can benefit every married couple, and I would encourage you to not delay in getting the help of an experienced and professional marriage counselor. I consider myself very experienced in this area of therapy. I work hard to hear from both the husband and the wife — and to develop mutual goals improve communication and marital health and happiness.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Working with couples prior to marriage to prepare for the days ahead is one of my favorite things to do. While many churches offer free programs for premarital counseling, many still choose the extra security of connecting with a professional. I typically offer a three-session package for pre-marriage counseling at a discounted rate. This package includes a marriage assessment, and several take home worksheets to prepare individuals for a life together.

Family Counseling

Family relationships that have become difficult and unhealthy can benefit from the guidance of an experienced Family Counselor who understands family structure, as well as the complications of blended family life, adoption issues, and other issues that can complicate parenting success. For children who are ten years old and above I am glad to help families navigate a game plan to improve communication, discipline, and functioning in the home.

Teen & Preteen Counseling

If a teen or preteen would benefit from individual counseling in concert with family counseling, I am happy to work with children who are ten and above to help achieve family / individual goals.


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